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Online Telecom Courses and Telecommunications Certifications

The best online telecom training courses are from Teracom Training Institute. Teracom has built a huge reputation in the US and Canada over the years as the best in the "telecom-for-non-engineers" training business. They've been in business for two decades, and have a customer list that includes AT&T, the CIA, NSA, IRS, FAA, US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank - and managers, purchasers, sales people, software designers, finance people and telecom users at thousands of public and private organzations ranging from Oneida Tableware to the SF Giants and everything in between. Teracom has even been awarded a 5-year supply contract ("GSA Schedule") to the United States government for this very training.

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Available Online Courses

L2241 INTRODUCTION TO BROADBAND CONVERGED IP TELECOM outline brochure course intro sample: Network Access: last mile copper, fiber and wireless
L2206 WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS outline brochure course intro sample: wifi: 802.11 wireless LANs
L2221 FUNDAMENTALS OF VOICE OVER IP outline brochure course intro sample: voice in packets
L2201 POTS AND THE PSTN outline brochure course intro sample: the voiceband
L2212 THE OSI LAYERS AND PROTOCOL STACKS outline brochure course intro sample: protocols and standards
L2211 LANS, VLANS, WIRELESS AND OPTICAL ETHERNET outline brochure course intro sample: lan cables
L2213 IP ADDRESSES, PACKETS AND ROUTERS outline brochure course intro sample: NAT
L2214 MPLS AND CARRIER NETWORKS outline brochure course intro sample: tcp/ip over mpls
L2221 FUNDAMENTALS OF VOICE OVER IP outline course intro sample: Voice in Packets
L2222 VOIP ARCHITECTURES AND IMPLEMENTATIONS outline sample: VSPs: Internet to Phone e.g. Gmail Client
L2223 SOFTSWITCHES, SIP AND VOIP CALL SETUP outline course intro
L2224 VOICE PACKETIZATION, CODECS AND VOICE QUALITY outline sample: Packet Loss and Sound Samples
L2225 SIP TRUNKING & CARRIER CONNECTIONS outline sample: SIP Trunking & Carrier Connections
L2226 IP NETWORK QUALITY: COS, QOS, MPLS AND SLAs outline course intro
L2231 WIRELESS FUNDAMENTALS outline brochure course intro sample: Wireless Spectrum and Radio Bands
L2232 MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS outline brochure course intro sample: Mobile Network Operators, MVNOs & Roaming
L2233 FIXED WIRELESS outline brochure bluetooth sample: 3.5 GHz Broadband Wireless Home Internet

CTNS Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (recommended choice)

The CTNS Certification Package includes eight courses covering an introduction to Broadband Converged IP Telecom, Wireless, Voice over IP, the PSTN, OSI Layers, Ethernet, IP and MPLS plus TCO CTNS Certification, Certificate, Letter of Reference and all of the other great benefits of TCO Certification. full details

Introduction to Broadband Converged IP Telecom

This course provides a broad-ranging introduction to modern IP telecom. It is a first pass through the major topics covering the fundamental ideas, equipment, technologies and jargon, the service offered, the players, where the money is made and fits it all together.

Course Lessons
1. Introduction
2. Convergence
3. Broadband
4. Model of Today's Converged Telecom Network
5. The Network Core
6. Network Protocols: Ethernet, IP and MPLS
7. Network Access: Last Mile Copper, Fiber and Wireless
8. Anatomy of a Service
9. Services: Residential, Business and Wholesale
10. Network Equipment
11. Carrier Network Interconnect

The Last Mile: Cooper, Fiber and Wireless.

Based on Teracom's well known Course 101, fine tuned and built from over 20 years of instructor-led training, we will get right through the common jargon to help demystify IP telecommunications, explain what the jargon and buzzwords mean, their underlying ideas, and how all of it works together… in easy to understand plain English. This multimedia course is a perfect way to get an overview. Subsequent courses, go more in depth reviewing these topics more fully to explain the concepts and technologies. The CTNS Certification Package provides you with the training needed to become a knowledgeable in Broadband, Telecom, Datacom and Networks, from Broadband Converged IP Telcom to wireless to VoIP to MPLS… plus it comes with a certificate to prove you have done it.

CWA Certified Wireless Analyst (major update in 2022!)

The CWA Certification Package covers the full range of wireless jargon, fundamentals and technologies in three self-paced instructor-led training courses giving you the knowledge required for the wireless business today — and TCO Certification to prove it! full details

Introduction to Broadband Converged IP Telecom

2231 Wireless Fundamentals
2232 Mobile Communications
2233 Fixed Wireless: Wi-Fi

Free lesson: Introduction to CWA

This course provides an understanding of what radio really is, and why it is used for communications covering frequencies, spectrum and how information is represented using radio.

Course Lessons
1. Radio Fundamentals
2. Wireless Spectrum and Radio Bands
3. Analog Radio
4. Digital Radio: How Modems Work
5. Propagation, Penetration and Fading

Wireless Spectrum and Radio Bands

With the high-quality self-paced courses in the CWA Certification package, you'll gain broad knowledge spanning: Radio fundamentals and spectrum, Digital radio and QAM modems, Propagation, penetration and fading Mobility concepts and network design and operation, Radio technologies: FDMA, TDMA, CDMA and LTE and 5G’s OFDMA, 5G mmWave ultra-broadband - and 5G low bitrate for IoT, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), the first full-duplex Wi-Fi, 3.5 GHz Broadband wireless home Internet, Point-to-point microwave, Low Earth Orbit satellites and more. The CWA Certification Package provides you with the training needed to become a knowledgeable in Wireless, from radio fundamentals to mobile communications to fixed wireless … plus it comes with a certificate to prove you have done it.

CVA Certified Voice over IP Analyst

The CVA Certification Package covers all aspects of VoIP in six courses including all the different ways Voice over IP is implemented, using softswitches and SIP to set up calls, voice packetization, the factors affecting sound quality, how to connect to carriers, SIP trunking, implementing network quality with MPLS, Class of Service and Service Level Agreements. full details

Introduction to Broadband Converged IP Telecom
Course Lessons
1. The Big Picture
2. Terminals
3. Voice in Packets
4. SIP and Soft Switches / SIP Servers / Call Managers
5. Media Servers: Video Servers
6. Gateways
7. LANs and WANs
8. Key VoIP Standards
9. Where All of This is Headed: IP Dial Tone

Voice in Packets

The CVA Certification Package is comprised of six courses totaling 59 lessons and includes the TCO CVA Certification Exam, a TCO Certificate suitable for framing plus a Personalized Letter of Reference. These courses build on the IP and PSTN fundamentals taught in CTNS. If telecom is completely new to you, we recommend taking CTNS first to establish a knowledge base, then taking the CVA courses.
You get unlimited repeats of the courses and exams with no time limits so you are guaranteed to pass and can refresh your knowledge anytime plus it comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

CTA Certified Telecommunications Analyst

The TCO Certified Telecommunications Analyst Certification (CTA) is the most prestigious and comprehensive telecommunications certification available which demonstrates to employers that the recipient has deep and broad telecom, datacom and network knowledge. full details

2401 Fundamentals of Telephony and Voice over IP
2402 Telecom Equipment
2403 The Telecommunications Industry
2404 Digital
2405 Transmission Systems and Fiber Optics
2406 Wireless Telecommunications
2407 Introduction to Datacom and Networking
2408 Data Coding, Frames and Packets
2409 Modems: Representing Bits on Radio and Copper
2410 The Network "Cloud" and Service Implementation
2411 LANs, VLANs, Wireless and Optical Ethernet
2412 The OSI Layers and Protocol Stacks
2413 IP Networks, Routers and Addresses
2414 MPLS and Carrier Networks
2415 The Internet
2416 IP Security

TCO CTA Certification indicates the strength of your telecommunications knowledge: the full story and the big picture in the fundamentals of telephony, voice over IP, wireless, datacom, networking and IP security. It comes with a personalized Letter of Reference (exclusive to Teracom) which you can send with your résumé describing your very serious knowledge skills and encouraging the reader to contact us.

Course Lessons
1. Introduction
2. History of Telecommunications (USA and Canada)
3. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
4. Analog Circuits and Sound
5. The Voiceband
6. Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS)
7. Signaling: Pulse Dialing and Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF)
8. Signaling System 7 (SS7)

The Voiceband

The CTA Certification Package includes sixteen online multimedia courses which are rich with graphics and video and correspond to the modules of the CTA Exam. Unlimited repeats are included for the courses and exams meaning you are guaranteed to pass and you can refresh your knowledge at anytime in any area of the sixteen courses.
All the topics in all of the modules for the CTA Exam are covered during Telecom BOOT CAMP, a one week seminar beginning with Course 101 Broadband, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers, our famous instructor-led core training, which is followed by Course 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and IoT. The CTA Exam is included with Telecom BOOT CAMP.
You may take just the TCO CTA certification exam without courses. This option comes with TCO certificate, letter of reference and the many all great benefits of a TCO Certification. The TCO CTA certification is the final exam for self-study with the Telecom 101 textbook.

CIPTS Certified IP Telecom Network Specialist

The CIPTS Certification Package includes four courses covering the OSI Layers, Ethernet, IP and MPLS plus TCO CIPTS Certification, Certificate, Letter of Reference and all of the other great benefits of TCO Certification.

OSI layers
Course 2212: OSI Layers and Protocol Stacks
• Protocols and standards. The OSI Model.
• Layers: Layer 2 vs. Layer 3. Examples.
• Protocol stacks. How protocol stacks work.
Course 2211: LANs, VLANs, Wireless and Optical Ethernet
• LAN fundamentals. Ethernet and 802 standards.
• MAC addresses and MAC frames.
• Layer2 switches, broadcast domains and VLANs.
• Optical Ethernet and Fiber links.
Course 2213: IP Addresses, Packets and Routers
• Packet network fundamentals. Routers. IP packets.
• IP addresses. Static & dynamic, public & private addresses.
• Network Address Translation (NAT). IPv6.
Course 2214: MPLS and Carrier Networks
• Carrier network basics. Customer Edge (CE) device.
• Service Level Agreements and CoS
• MPLS for traffic management, VPNs, integrated access

Included within the CIPTS package are four courses. These 4 courses are directly related to what is referred to as the "new" telecom network.  The "new" telecom network is IP-based telecommunications. CIPTS is ideal for the person needing to bring themselves up to speed on IP networks. Focus is given from the point of view of a carrier telecom network. CIPTS is not covering traditional telephony or wireless.

Completing a CIPTS package will provide you with a solid, well structured comprehension of IP networking, covering the OSI Layers, Layer 2 Ethernet, MAC frames, Layer 3 IP packets, routers and their addresses, IPv6, plus (CS) carrier services, and a detailed understanding in MPLS.

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